Israel Agriculture Technology in India

Implement Agri Tech with UN certified vendor

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda


Plant and harvest with the highest effectiveness, maximize resources, assess potential initiatives through applied research.


Project design: agricultural assessment, feasibility studies, business plans, design
  1. Agricultural and rural development policy, strategic planning and master plans
  2. GIS, mapping and spatial analysis
  3. Environmental protection


Generate profit and reach self-sufficiency by leveraging local resources and conditions, applying efficient production methods, and introducing cutting-edge technologies. 


Financing; detailed design, construction, ongoing management. Efficient production methods, cutting- edge technologies and sustainable operations to achieve high productivity and environmental conservation.

Rural Development

Improve rural-population livelihood, maximize economic growth, promote ecological sustainability, human welfare
and social development.


  1. Agronomic, livestock and aquaculture production, guidance and supervision
  2. Agro-economy
  3. Introduction, adoption and development of advanced technology; capacity building and extension; and applied R&D


Strong Agriculture Technology network

Israeli expertise and experience support the advancement of sustainable agriculture, management of water scarcity, mitigation of climate change, and alleviation of other challenges to enable viability and growth in productivity.

Israel Agriculture Technology